Getting started - Manager

To plan interventions, you need:

  • of a business unit
  • one or more types of activities, to configure in the Catalog tab
  • one or more stakeholders attached to the business unit. You can invite your collaborators via the Team tab

Use our models to understand how it works, you can then customize them so that they perfectly suit your activity.

Personalize your Cadulis

In Cadulis everything is customizable!
Start with a simple project, to get started with basic functionality.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we can assist you in the configuration.

Build a team

A Business unit can represent a company or a team, they are used in particular to manage visibility in the sharing of information:
For example, a supervisor who belongs to your business unit will have access to your indicators, while a subcontractor supervisor (from another business unit) will not have access to it.
The business unit is identified by its attachment code, which must be transmitted to your technicians, supervisors, call center agents so that they request to be attached to your business unit.

By default, when you create an account, you are an administrator and a contributor, so you can start testing Cadulis.

Create an intervention

There are many shortcuts for manually creating an activity. There are also many automatic means (from a mailbox, by a client access, a web service ...) but let's start with the simplest:
At the bottom of the home page, you will find the "create an activity" button. Then simply choose the type of activity, leaving the other fields free.

Plan an intervention

The planning of an intervention is accessible via the intervention sheet.
3 planning modes are available:

  • Manual:
    This is the simplest mode: you choose the field worker and the date
  • Planning:
    In this mode, the planning assistant suggests the 3 best field workers. You visualize their respective planning lines, and colored boxes (green, orange, red) indicate the relevance of each available time slot.
  • Planning assistant: Cadulis advanced algorithms calculate for the whole week the most relevant availability for each time slot. You get a table of dates and times allowing you to see at a glance the availability of your field teams

View the report

Once the field worker (or your activity manager) has closed the activity, its status as well as personalized reports become available on the intervention sheet.

Billing by Cadulis

Each month, you have 200 free interventions for your company. The number of user accounts linked to a company is unlimited. An intervention is "paid" when it is assigned to a field operator or when it is closed. Once the quota has been exceeded, you can still create and plan interventions, but not assign them to a field worker, or close them.

Cadulis works in prepayment: you credit your account directly online by bank card, direct debit or transfer and then use your credits as you go, with no time limit.

Cadulis service is non-binding.