1-click planning, zero paper ...

Simple, powerful and unique features: discover the flagship features offered by our management software, easy to use and fully configurable according to your needs.
Cards available at any time Easier planning with the proposal of time slots


What is 1-click planning based on?

Localized addresses

Interventions and field workers are geolocated


Selling price, purchase price, hourly rate, km costs, to find the best field operator, we calculate the profitability


a field worker = a schedule, regardless of the number of companies, synchronized with google calendar and / or Outlook calendar


An application designed for stakeholders

iOS and Android

Download the mobile applications on the stores

Offline mode

Work without data loss, even off the network

Zero paper

No more lost reports, unreadable scans and manual searches, fully customize your pdf or excel reports


In digital form, your data gives you access to super-powerful indicators

Skills / Equipment

Determine the ideal field worker based on the skills and equipment available

Profitability calculation

Calculate for each intervention, each client or each intervener the profitability of your interventions

Real-time indicators

Indicators based on any information present on your closing sheets

Share your data

Connect Cadulis by web-services with your other software to automate your workflows


Cadulis was designed to be compatible with your company's HR architecture

Business units

Create companies and teams to organize who sees what


Users can be attached to several structures, and benefit from a single schedule, aggregated according to their rights on each structure.

Management of skills and materials

Determine skills and equipment for effective assignment

Contractors / Subcontractors

Dedicated access to respect the confidentiality of your data