Phone calls

Calling the client to plan, reminding the client on D-1, satisfaction survey ... by integrating the calls into your intervention workflows you make your processes more reliable.
Calls can be made by a team or by an external company (by creating a dedicated business unit, or by attaching users to the “call center” role). Unlike interventions, to be carried out at a fixed time, calls have date / time availability ranges. Scheduling is done to prioritize them and Cadulis can be interfaced with your call software (VocalCom for example) to automatically trigger dialing. Skills are taken into account to assign calls to the most competent agents.

To integrate a call into your workflow, you must first create an activity type, based on the "Contact" type (Settings> Catalog> Create a new activity), then configure the different forms. For the call to be created automatically following an event (creation, closure of an intervention, etc.), a trigger must be configured in the activity concerned (Parameters> Catalog> Operating parameters> Triggers). You also have access to all your triggers in the Settings> Triggers menu.
With the customizable closing forms, you guide the call agent in a questionnaire that evolves over the answers.