The forms

The forms are used for intervention sheets (to transmit information to field workers) and for closing sheets (data to be filled in by the technician or call agent). They consist of customizable blocks.

Types of fields available

Field type Use
Address a button allows you to check the address by google maps
check boxes when the list of choices is reduced
dated you can determine in what format the date should be entered
file your field workers can add attachments
hour you can determine in what format the time should be entered
dropdown list when the list of choices is long.
switch yes / no  
Photo your field workers can add photo pieces taken directly from their phone or recorded
GPS position to geolocate when there is no address
signature your customers / technicians can sign
displayed text to send information to your field workers.
short text to send information to your field workers.
text area (text to enter) to allow field workers to enter text
horizontal divider to lay out your forms
fields of the activity sheet to display a field in the intervention form
hidden fields so that information appears in the closure form exports without appearing for the field worker
fields on condition to assign a value to a field, based on the values of other fields (intervention sheet or closing sheet)


In all these fields, you can insert fields of the type {intervention. ****. ****}, this field will display the value of the field for the intervention.

For example :
{} is the date of the intervention
{intervention.customer. ***} concerns customer information related to the intervention
{intervention.custom. ***} displays the personalized fields of the intervention sheet
{ ***} displays the custom fields of the closing sheet.

If you want a text at the beginning of the closing form to remind the field worker of important information, you can create a "displayed text" field and fill it in with "this report concerns the intervention of {} to {} "

The options available when configuring the control depend on the type of control.
The layout defines the width of the block, depending on the size of the screen (mobile, tablet and computer). It is possible to create dependencies between the blocks to display or not the block according to the value of another block ( display conditions).

This allows for different intervention report scenarios.
For example: first question, is the customer satisfied? If yes end of report, if no next question.