Team structure, business units

Complete team structure

The business units allow you to group employees and activities in a steering unit.
Company, branch, team, you choose.

To partition your activities

By team

Each team has independent management

Centralized vision

The links between the business units allow the information to be forwarded to a central unit.

Information sharing

The operating models can be shared between the business units


For complex structures, for example a telephone call unit associated with several teams, the division is unlimited

To give access to your principals

Creation, planning

The supervisors of your principal will be able to create and plan their activities directly

Personalization of activities

The activities of your principal can be specific to him: forms, reports ...

Planning restrictions

You can even restrict the field workers available, according to criteria such as profitability by activity

Selling price

The sale price of an activity can be displayed for the originator

To give access to your subcontractors

Planning, fencing

The field workers of your subcontractor intervene in your activities, and fill out the forms directly.

Management of entrusted activities

A supervisor of your subcontractor can manage the activities that you entrust to him.

Buying price

The purchase price of an activity can be displayed for the subcontractor

And always only one schedule per user

Users can be linked to several companies, which will not share information. The user planning is centralized, and no one needs to have multiple accounts on Cadulis!
An ingenious "black box" system allows you to block schedules without sharing information.