Consumption of articles

Consumption of articles

The articles are organized by category .
You can then indicate on the activity forms the available categories, in order to list the precise consumption of each activity.
By indicating a purchase price and a sale price on the article, your profitability will be precise.
The items only have a sale price, a purchase price and a quantity. They have no duration, assignment sheet or closing PV.
The articles can be internal to your companies or shared by the links.
If you change the price of an item, items already created in interventions will not be affected.

To track consumption

Expected quantity

By indicating items on the activity sheet, you can predict consumption

Amount consumed

The field worker can enter a quantity consumed when closing the activity

By category

By defining the article category on the form field, you avoid incorrect entries

To refine profitability

Buying price

The purchase price of items impacts the purchase price of the activity

Selling price

The selling price of the activity is impacted by the selling price of the items

To exchange information


Article information can be sent to other systems


Consumption of articles can trigger automated actions thanks to triggers