Personalization of types of activities

Your catalog

Here you will find your types of personalized activities. That is to say all the models that you can use to carry out your activities.
For each type of activity:

  • entry forms (mission, closure)
  • reports (pdf, excel)
  • planning settings
  • ...

To adapt the default functioning of your activities

Title, duration, logo

The activities created will revert to the default settings of the model

Adjusted planning

Times, thresholds, lunch break ...

Financial datas

Purchase price, sale price, activation of accounting information

Required Skills

Restriction of assignments to certain powers

To customize the data

Activity form

Personalization of the fields transmitted to the field worker to carry out the activity: documentation, information ...

Closing form

Personalization of the fields entered by the field worker: results, customer information ...

Activity reports

Summary documents as requested by your principals, or by regulations (CERFA)

To automate your actions

Trigger a sending of SMS

For the customer, to warn him of the imminent arrival of the field worker, or in case of delay for example

Send report by email

To the customer or the client

Create a new activity

Depending on the results, possibility of creating follow-up, re-intervention ...