Tailor-made activity reports

Your own activity reports

You have as many reports as you want for each type of activity.
Using your templates , you will get precisely the reports you want, in PDF or Excel

To create tailor-made documents

The PDFs of your principals

You save the blank PDF template, and add the information entered

All CERFA just a click away

With tailor-made reports, you can integrate all CERFA forms

In Excel format for specific needs

You can generate fully customizable Excel reports

To have a formal summary

A simple PDF report in 1 click

The simple report, without design, simply displays all the fields of the form

Information of your choice in 2 clicks

By positioning the fields of your choice on the form, you fully customize the rendering of it

To exchange standardized files

Multiple activity reports

By creating several reports, you can have a file for your client and a different file for your client.

Available for automatic sending

Webservices, triggers, your reports are available to be sent automatically

Available for archives

SFTP triggering allows you to save your reports in real time to your own SFTP server