Subcontractor access via webservices

The subcontractor schedule directly visible on your interface

The subcontractor's webservice allows you to view the schedule of your subcontractor's system directly on Cadulis.
Depending on the rights granted to you by your subcontractor, you can then directly plan an activity on his schedule.
And depending on your configuration, you can even adjust the automatic planning to first plan on your internal resources!

To access the subcontractor's schedules

View availability

According to the access defined by your subcontractor, you see the schedules of its field workers

Create activities directly

You assign the activities directly to your subcontractor, the information is transmitted to him in real time

Real-time tracking

When your subcontractor modifies or closes an activity, you have real-time information on your Cadulis

For the autonomy of the subcontractor

Keep your own configuration

On the subcontractor's system, his own rules are applied: he decides which accesses he gives you

Have separate access

The users of your subcontractor are not directly attached to you.

Refine profitability

On both sides, everyone keeps control of their own financial data, in order to adjust profitability