Automatic triggers

Thanks to the triggers, you can configure automatic actions on Cadulis yourself. A trigger is always associated with an intervention, and a modification of it (or the approach of the planning date). During this modification (planning, closing, etc.) you define trigger conditions. These conditions are as broad as all the parameters, personalized or not, of the intervention.

Trigger mode

  • Program

With this trigger mode, you indicate the reference date to take into account: start date, closing date etc. In relation to this date, you can add or subtract a deadline. For example 1 day before the start date for an appointment confirmation, or 3 days after the closing date to trigger a satisfaction call.

  • On event

Events correspond to all the changes that an activity may undergo: modification, cancellation, etc. If you want to send a cancellation confirmation email to your client, this is where it happens.

Trigger conditions

When trigger mode occurs, you can also specify conditions required to perform the action. This can be a custom field which must have a certain value (appointment confirmed by the client)

New activity

This trigger creates a new activity. This can be for example a phone call for a satisfaction survey, or a reoperation after a failure. You can transfer data from the activity that triggered the action, such as the customer, or personalized information.

Mail sending

Sending emails can be used, for example, to send the closure report automatically to the client when the field worker closes the intervention.

Sending SMS

By setting up an SMS sending to your client 2 days before the intervention, you prevent your field workers from finding the door closed during their appointment.


The recipients of the SMS sending can be multiple, with a choice:
- Supervisors: all activity supervisors
- Affected stakeholder (s)
- Manual: here you enter a number by hand, but you can also use variables like {}


The SMS message can use the variables, in order to use the activity information: date, telephone number, name of the field worker etc.

Use variables


Consumption of credits: 0.2 / SMS. If your message exceeds 160 characters, it will be sent / counted in several sms. To avoid excessive consumption of credit, any message of more than 3 sms will not be sent

SMS trigger configuration

Your My Company representative will be at your house tomorrow at 3.30pm.
In case of absence call 02 79 04 00 19.

File sending by SFTP

Need to store intervention reports directly on your servers? With the documents sent by SFTP, you can deposit in real time the photos and documents sent by your field staff, as well as the reports generated by Cadulis.

HTTP server call

This trigger is very useful if you want to update other information systems in real time with your Cadulis data.