Automatic trips and advanced processes

Condition the operation of your processes

Triggers are used to define workflows, i.e. automatic actions triggered on condition, such as sending an email or creating an intervention.
Whenever you modify an activity, you can trigger actions, for example:

  • Sending pdf report to client
    Condition: closing, action: sending email, email: that of the client
  • Sending an SMS to the customer
    In the event of delay, one hour before the arrival of the field worker, ...
  • Re-creation of activity on failed fence
    Did the activity end in a problem? Automatically launch the creation of the next intervention at the customer!
  • Real-time feedback
    If you wish (or your principal) to archive the reports, send them in real time by SFTP
  • ...

To inform in real time


SMS to the customer to warn him of the imminent arrival of the field worker, in case of expected delay, ...


Customer, client, business conduct: the emails you want, to whom you want


Send mobile notifications to your field workers

To create new activities

Automatically re-intervene

On conditions (failure, customer request, ...) you can automatically re-create an activity

Follow-up activity

If the work is done in 2 stages, why should you add the second part by hand?

Make a call

Automatically schedule a customer reminder for the satisfaction call

To update your other systems


Trigger the update of your ticketing tool

Your software

Send changes to any other system


Post changes to your principals in real time