Thanks to the webservices exhibited by Cadulis, you can receive or make available information on your activities.

External access

External access allows you to authorize a connection from another tool, so that your clients can automatically send you information when they plan or modify interventions from their systems.
This access can be used for your other tools, such as for example statistical or management KPI systems.
Information is sent in real time from Cadulis, each time an activity or its status is modified.

The creation of an external access corresponds to the provision of an url allowing a third party (or other software internally) to perform actions on the business unit. For example, an IT department can automatically create interventions in your business unit.
If one of your clients has a business unit on Cadulis, then you can use this access so that your client plans directly in your planning. The ordering party can have access only to a grid of available time slots or to the full schedules of your technicians, depending on the rights you grant him through the configuration of external access.
You can use our sdk (php) to configure your connection: https://github.com/cadulis/sdk
Hooks are information sent by Cadulis on an Url, following a triggering event, affecting any intervention belonging to the type of activity to which access is open.

You can connect and communicate the different tools you use.

Sub-contractor webservice

The subcontractor accesses allow you to configure a connection to another tool to send intervention information to your subcontractors (creation, update). This access can allow you to send information to another Cadulis Business Unit, without establishing any family relationship. In the latter case, each of the business units remains completely independent, in terms of management and adjustments.

In the Settings> Subcontractor access menu, you can configure information sending by Rest webservices.
Your subcontractor automatically receives the assignments assigned to him. By configuring the hooks, you can also send the information in the event of modification, closure ... of an intervention assigned to it. Also, you can choose how many planning lines the subcontractor access corresponds to, in order to best size the automatic time slot proposal.
You can use our php sdk to configure your link: https://github.com/cadulis/sdk