Custom reports

For each type of activity, you can configure as many reports as you want.
Each report is linked either to the intervention sheet, evening to the closing sheet, or to 2. In fact, this only affects the page on which the report is available.

PDF report

Cadulis offers 3 types of PDF reports that you can configure:

  • Basic :
    Simply select “intervention sheet” or “closing sheet”, and all the information will be added to the PDF file.
  • Field positioning
    You define the template for your report by sending a PDF file over which the information you want to add will be printed. To do this, add each of the desired data fields, and define its position in pixels on the page.
  • Expert:
    You send the frame PDF, and you write directly in HTML what will be written on top. With this method you can generate the reports you want, without limit.

Excel report

The Excel report works in a very simple way: you prepare the Excel “template” file, taking care to indicate the values which will be replaced by variables in braces, as indicated in the chapter “ Variables ” . You then send this file and get personalized Excel reports that perfectly suit your needs.