External access, webservices or emails

External access to your Cadulis

External access allows you to configure web-services and access to mailboxes.

By creating a webservice, you open your Cadulis to your principals, or to your own systems other than Cadulis:

  • Restricted access to your schedules
    Your originator (or your other system) has access to your availability, according to your availability criteria
  • Creation / modification / visualization of activities
    Your originator (or your other system) can send you an activity directly and have its follow-up
  • Real-time feedback
    If you wish, your principal (or your other system) can receive each modification: assignment, reports ...
Import email
Email imports are fully configurable according to your own preformatted email model: create and modify your activities automatically from your mailbox!

To connect your other software

Customer portal

Your customer portal can directly query Cadulis schedules and create interventions on the dates requested by your customers

Ticketing tool

Bi-directional update

Import email

Creation / modification of activities on the recovery of standardized emails, according to your criteria

To connect your principals

Creation / modification of activities

Your orderer's systems send activities directly to your Cadulis

Visualization of the schedule by the client

Restricted access to schedules concerning him

Feedback in real time

Information entered, planning, closing, reports, you configure what goes back in real time