Cadulis, technology serving people

Make it easy
for your field teams

Route optimization,
digital forms,
no more paper or lost ground worker!

Lighten up your activity management
all over the chain

With one-click planning,
no more scheduling puzzles!

Optimize information sharing
with all your contacts

Connection to internal and external systems,
automatic sending of email or sms,
nothing easier !

Manage your field activities
with flexibility and reliability ,
where you are

Find the best field worker
and the best time slot in 1 click
View your tour itinerary
Fill in your personalized forms
Ensure confidentiality and the right level of access to information, internal and external
Follow the profitability of your interventions
and connect Cadulis to your other software

The most attractive rate on the market,
whatever the size of your business

100% free for small teams

You benefit from a credit of 200 free interventions per month per company, renewed at the beginning of each month, with no time limit. This is equivalent, for example, to 3 field workers, each carrying out an average of 4 operations per working day.

Decline in activity in times of crisis?
Zero fixed cost.

At Cadulis, we do not charge any subscription, whatever your number of users. You benefit from a single price of € 0.49 / intervention , beyond the 200 free interventions. So if your activity goes down, so do your user fees.

Large enterprise, do you need tailor-made functionality?
Our quotes are the cheapest on the market.

Cadulis is built on the most flexible program structure on the market, allowing record development times (POC, connection to the client's software, ...). Our delivery times are much lower than those of our competitors. So our quotes too.

Cadulis meets the needs of
all activities requiring organization
intervention rounds missions or audits field activities of customer meetings consultations or visits

Liberal nurse, 3 partners
Liberal nurse
3 partners
Cadulis is relevant for many sectors:
  • Telecom
  • Energy
  • Water & Sanitation
  • Plumbing, Air conditioning
  • Medical
  • Veterinarians
  • Public sector
Maintenance of IT equipment, 35 employees
Maintenance of IT equipment
35 employees
Cadulis is particularly suitable for activities with high added value:
  • Installation, Installation
  • Maintenance, after-sales service
  • Audit, Inspection
  • Data gathering
  • Medical care, Veterinary visits
  • Training
Maintenance of IT equipment, 35 employees
Maintenance of IT equipment
35 employees