Team structure

On Cadulis, field workers or managers only need a single user account to access all of their activities. For this, everyone must be given the right level of visibility, through the business units and the role of users within each of them.

The roles

The roles within a business unit can be:

  • Administrator: Management of user connections and between business units, configuration of the business unit
  • Technical administrator: can configure the types of activity, triggers, skills, articles ...
  • Supervisor: Planning and management of activity closings
  • Purchase Financial Supervisor: can see the financial information related to the purchase price
  • Sales financial supervisor: can see the financial information related to the sale price
  • Call center supervisor: Planning and management of call closings
  • Technician: Closure of interventions assigned to him
  • Team leader: if the field workers activate the team leader delegation, the team leader then sees the schedules and can close the interventions assigned to his team.
  • Call center agent: Closes the calls assigned to him.

The business units

A user can be attached to several business units, he then has visibility according to his role on the two entities. In this case, there is not strictly speaking a link between the companies.
In the most complex cases, you may need to create a network of business units. The rights granted to each other will allow you to transmit the visibility of the information, without having to link each of the users to each of the business units.

There are several types of connections from your business unit. This chapter deals with links between several business units present on Cadulis. To link to external systems, whether yours, those of your principals or subcontractors, please refer to the “ webservices ” chapter

This access allows you to configure in particular the links between business units of the same company: for example several teams linked to a parent company.
As a business unit administrator, you can request the attachment of your BU to another business unit in Cadulis (always thanks to its attachment code). The attachment code is useless if you administer the 2 business units: a drop-down list is then proposed to you.
This allows you to share (or not) a certain amount of information, from the perspective of a kinship (your business unit becomes the parent business unit). By activating this link, you make available the information selected for the users of this business unit.
To access information from another business unit, the latter must activate information sharing to your business unit.

Skills / equipment

The equipment corresponds to non-consumable material, held by your field workers, and which may be required during specific activities.

  1. Adding skills / equipment: Configuration> business unit> skills. you just need to choose a name for your skills.
  2. For each activity, you can define the required level (between 0 and 10). Either this requirement is blocking, so no intervention or call will be assigned to the user if his skills are below the defined threshold. Either this skill is non-blocking, so a user does not have the level, he will be disadvantaged when proposing a time slot and automatic assignment for interventions, and for organizing call stacks for calls.
  3. By following the Settings> businessUnit> users menu, you can modify the skills of the connected users. The skills are thus defined for each user in each business unit.