Advanced operation

Cadulis gives you access to the entire configuration of your activities: you constitute your own team, you personalize your reports 100%, define your forms.
For this, many zones of advanced configuration are made available to you.

Data source for spreadsheet

Do PivotTables or PivotCharts Hold No Secret for You? That's good, with the data sources, you can continue to use your favorite spreadsheet with Cadulis data in real time.
Create a data source by selecting the types of activities and the fields you want to see there (you can add purchase-sale financial information or even accounting information), then copy the url.
On your spreadsheet, insert a data source and indicate this url.
You will only have to refresh the source (in Excel: right click> refresh the data source) to see your data updated in a few seconds.
You thus have complete control over your business indicators, associated with the power of Cadulis.

Automatic email import

Not all principals are equipped with comprehensive webservices. However, it is often possible to agree on an email format that can be read automatically: so you indicate to Cadulis the access codes of your email box dedicated to receiving preformatted emails from your principals, and you configure the expected format. Cadulis reads emails regularly and creates interventions based on the information found in the emails.