The variables

In all the forms and for the use of custom status, you may need to use variables, for example the date of the intervention or the technician who closed the intervention.
The variables are surrounded by braces {} (the whiskers).
There are 5 types of variables:
  • System variables
Coded Use
{system.dateTimeNow} the current date and time
{system.isEnvironmentProduction} if you are on, returns yes
if you are on

  • The variables concerning the intervention, they are defined by {intervention. *}
Coded Use
{intervention.reference} the intervention reference
{} the date of the intervention (planned date)
{intervention.address} the address of the intervention
{intervention.address.additional} additional address
{intervention.comment} comment on the intervention
{intervention.duration} duration of the intervention (planned duration)
{intervention.durationSeconds} duration in seconds
{intervention.status} has the value pending, canceled or terminated
{intervention.custom. *} for custom fields

  • Customer variables: {intervention.customer. *}
Coded Use
{intervention.customer.reference} customer reference
{} client's name
{} cell phone number
{} landline number
{intervention.customer.custom. *} for custom fields

  • Variables related to parent intervention: {intervention.parent. *}
When an intervention is created by triggering another intervention, the latter is called the parent intervention. For example if the creation of an intervention triggers a call or if the failed closure triggers a new intervention.
Coded Use
{} the date of the parent intervention
{intervention.parent.address} the address of the parent intervention
{intervention.parent.address.additional} the additional address
{intervention.parent.custom. *} for the personalized fields of the intervention sheet
{ *} for the custom fields of the closing sheet

  • Variables concerning the closure of the intervention: { *}
Coded Use
{} closing comment
{} takes the value OK or KO
{ *} for the custom fields of the closing sheet

For these last three categories, you can also use the custom fields that you have defined (in the forms, or intervention or customer file), using {intervention. *. Custom.lecode} by replacing "lecode" with the code that you defined by configuring your fields.